Playing experience

Tulin is a very accomplished player. He graduated from Tahuichi Soccer Academy in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. He was a professional player at Universitario FC, Sucre, Bolvia and he played for Santa Clara University in the Collegiate World Cup.

Coaching experience

Tulin holds a USSF “B” license as well as a Master’s degree in Sport Psychology. He started his coaching career in 1992 and has continuously strived to better himself on the soccer field by working toward higher coaching licensure.  Tulin has coached the girls varsity team at Woodside Priory and the girls varsity team at Los Gatos High School. He has coached exclusively for Alpine Strikers since 2012.

Coaching philosophy

Coaching is an art. The main component of Tulin’s coaching style is to facilitate the players to find happiness all around – on and off the field. He strives to create a channel of communication in which players can find their own way to maximize their potential. His succes is based on his passion for the game, passion for coaching, passion to learn and passion for life to be loving human beings.