Alpine Strikers FC is a competitive youth soccer club serving the greater Atherton, Menlo Park, Portola Valley, and Woodside communities. We have over 700 players in the club, playing on teams ranging from U8 to U19, at all levels of competition including the National Premier League (NPL), Norcal Premier, and Central Coast Soccer League (CCSL).

Formal ASFC team tryouts are held in late May-June of each year.  If you are new to competitive club soccer (for example, currently playing AYSO) or have moved from outside the area and would like to join a team for the Spring season, your child can be evaluated at open practices held each November in combination with existing team practices.  Roster openings vary from team to team and placement is at the discretion of the coaches.  If you would like to transfer from another competitive club to Alpine Strikers outside of the May-June tryout window, please contact our technical director Gino Pucillo (



Tryouts Schedule: 7v7 and 9v9 Teams

2011BJune 211:00am - 12:15pmJack Lyle
2011GJune 212:30 - 1:45pmJack Lyle
2010BMay 294:00 - 5:30pmBurgess
June 54:00 - 5:30pmHillview
2010GMay 304:00 - 5:30pmRossotti's
June 44:00 - 5:30pmHillview
2009BMay 314:00 - 5:30pmRossotti's
June 54:00 - 5:30pmHillview
2009GMay 304:00 - 5:30pmRossotti's
June 64:00 - 5:30pmKelly
2008BMay 295:30 - 7:00pmBurgess
May 315:30 - 7:00pmRossotti's
2008GMay 305:30 - 7:00pmRossotti's
June 45:30 - 7:00pmHillview
2007BJune 15:30 - 7:00pmJack Lyle
June 55:30 - 7:00pmHillview
2007GJune 14:00 - 5:30pmJack Lyle
June 6cancelled *****

Tryouts Schedule: 11v11 Teams

Tryout dates for 04-06 born players are listed below. For those players 03 and older, please contact the coach/manager listed for your age group.

Please contact our Technical Director, Gino Pucillo for further information at


2006BMay 154:00 - 5:30pmJack Lyle
May 174:00 - 5:30pmWoodside Elementary School
2006GMay 145:30 - 7:00pmJack Lyle
May 184:00 - 5:30pmPVTC
2005BMay 225:30 - 7:00pmKelly
May 245:30 - 7:00pmPVTC
2005GMay 245:30 - 7:00pmBurgess
May 255:30 - 7:00pmPVTC
2004BMay 224:00 - 5:30pmKelly
May 245:30 - 7:00pmWoodside Elementary School
2004GMay 214:00 - 5:30pmBurgess
May 234:00 - 5:30pmPVTC
May 304:00 - 5:30pmPVTC
2003BContact Jeff
Contact Steve
May 225:30 - 7:00pmHillview
May 245:30 - 7:00pmHillview


Girls 7v7 Teams

Age Group:Age Group Coordinator:Team:Coach:Playing Level / League:
10G10G PrideJason LuceCopper/CCSL
09GPolly Hey Panos09G RedRachel LassmanSilver 1/Norcal
09G WhiteGuillermo TalanconSilver 2/Norcal
09G BlueErnesto CruzCopper/CCSL
09G CardinalErik MichonCopper/CCSL
08GSara Filipek08G RedMike PatrickGold/Norcal
08G WhiteTulin MendozaBronze/Norcal
08G BlueGuillermo TalanconCopper/CCSL
08G CardinalChris BobbCopper/CCSL

Girls 9v9 Teams

Age Group:Age Group Coordinator:Team:Coach:Playing Level / League:
07GLaura Paul07G RedErik MichonSilver 1/Norcal
07G WhiteAmar PatelBronze/Norcal
07G BlueAidan O'FlynnCopper/CCSL
07G Cardinal Ernesto CruzCopper/CCSL
06GBob Ridenour06G RedMike PatrickGold/Norcal
06G WhiteRachel LassmanSilver/Norcal
06G BlueChris BobCopper/CCSL

Girls 11v11 Teams

Age Group:Age Group Coordinator:Team:Coach:Playing Level / League:
05GJulie Clugage05G RedMandy PochobradskyPremier/Norcal
05G WhiteTulin MendozaSilver/Norcal
05G BlueJason LuceCopper/CCSL
04GKarim Younes04G RedCorey EddenState Premier/Norcal
02/03G02/03G RedCorey EddenState Premier/Norcal


Boys 7v7 Teams

Age Group:Age Group Coordinator:Team:Coach:Playing Level / League:
10B10B ArsenalSergio AvinaCopper/CCSL
10B ChelseaErik MichonCopper/CCSL
10B UnitedJason LuceCopper/CCSL
09BVicky Trevor09B RedGuillermo TalanconGold/Norcal
09B WhiteAidan O'FlynnSilver/Norcal
09B BlueAndrei KholopatineBronze/CCSL
09B CardinalMandy PochobradskyCopper/CCSL
09B BlackTom FlanneryCopper/CCSL
08BJen Sweeney08B RedMike PatrickGold/Norcal
08B WhiteRay KellemSilver 2/Norcal
08B BlueAidan O'FlynnBronze/CCSL
08B CardinalAidan O'FlynnCopper/CCSL
08B BlackGuillermo TalanconCopper/CCSL
08B RoyalTom FlanneryCopper/CCSL

Boys 9v9 Teams

Age Group:Age Group Coordinator:Team:Coach:Playing Level / League:
07BJill Hessler07B RedErik MichonGold/Norcal
07B WhiteRay KellamSilver 2/Norcal
07B BlueErnesto CruzBronze/CCSL
07B CardinalJason LuceCopper/CCSL
06BChristine Orr06B RedChris BobbSilver 1/Norcal
06B WhiteErnesto CruzSilver 2/Norcal
06B BlueTulin MendozaCopper/CCSL
06B CardinalTravis MyernikCopper/CCSL

Boys 11v11 Teams

Age Group:Age Group Coordinator:Team:Coach:Playing Level / League:
05BJulie Clugage05B RedMandy PochobradskyPremier/Norcal
05B WhiteTulin MendozaSilver/Norcal
05B Blue
04BKarim Younes04B RedCorey EddenState Premier/Norcal
04B WhiteJason LuceCopper/CCSL
03B03B RedCorey EddenState Premier/Norcal
03B White
02B02B Red
02B Cougars
01B01B Jaguars
01B Leopards
00B00B Red
00B White

Age Group

Age Group Coordinator



Coach Email

Playing Level/League

7 v 7 Teams


10B Arsenal Sergio Avina Copper/CCSL
10B Chelsea Erik Michon Copper/CCSL
10B United Jason Luce Copper/CCSL


Vicky Trevor 09B Red Guillormo Talancon Gold/Norcal
09B White Aidan O'Flynn Silver/Norcal
09B Blue Andrei Kholopatine Bronze/CCSL
09B Cardinal Mandy Pochobradsky Copper/CCSL
09B Black Tom Flannery Copper/CCSL


Jen Sweeney

08B Red Mike Patrick Gold/Norcal
08B White Ray Kellem Silver 2/Norcal
08B Blue Aidan O'Flynn Bronze/CCSL
08B Cardinal Aidan O'Flynn Copper/CCSL
08B Black Guillermo Talancon Copper/CCSL
08B Royal Tom Flannery Copper/CCSL

9 v 9 Teams


 Jill Hessler
07B Red Erik Michon Gold/Norcal
07B White Ray Kellam Silver 2/Norcal
07B Blue Ernesto Cruz Bronze/CCSL
07B Cardinal Jason Luce Copper/CCSL


Christine Orr

06B Red Chris Bobb Silver 1/Norcal
06B White Ernesto Cruz Silver 2/Norcal
06B Blue Tulin Mendoza Copper/CCSL
06B Cardinal Travis Myernick Copper/CCSL

11 v 11 Teams


Lisa Dunlevie

05B Red Paul Moran Premier/Norcal
05B White Amar Patel Silver 1/Norcal
05B Blue Sergio Avina Bronze/CCSL


David Lezi

04B Red Amar Patel Gold 1/Norcal
04B White Chris Bobb Copper/CCSL


Cristina Tato

03B Red Jeff Panos State Premier/Norcal
03B White Corey Edden Silver 2/Norcal


02B Red Jeff Panos State Premier/Norcal
02B Cougars Carlos Perez Gold/CCSL


01B Jaguars Carlos Perez State Premier/Norcal
01B Leopards Carlos Perez State Premier/Norcal


Paul Moran/Bret Simon

00B Red Paul Moran National Premier League/CRL
00B White Tulin Mendoza Silver/Norcal​


Current 99B Players Committed

NameAlpine Strikers TeamCollege Attending
Alexander Caceres 99BOberlin College
Jean Claverie 99BOccidental College
Jake Foster 99BOccidental College
Jamie Holland 99BWilliams College
Nicolas Jandeleit 99BOberlin College
Adam Joss 99BWhitman College
Jared Mejia 99BPomona College
Isaac Parker-Sleator 99BFresno-Pacific University
Jake Simon 99BTrinity University
Aidan Wall 99BChapman University

Current Collegiate Players


Name Alpine Strikers Team College Attending
Sergio Lopez 97B Elite NPL Azusa Pacific University (NCAA DII)  
Matthew MacFarquhar 97B Elite NPL Johns Hopkins University (NCAA DI)  
Alex Gallo 98B Red State Premier Case Western Reserve University (NCAA DIII)  
Dro Avetian 97B Elite NPL

98B Red State Premier

Holy Names University (NCAA DII)  
Hernan Mercado 97B Elite NPL Holy Names University (NCAA DII)  
Brett Fitzpatrick 98B Red State Premier Menlo College (NAIA)  
Austin Loapacinski 98B Red State Premier Canada College  
Will Jordan 97B Elite NPL Canada College  
Patrick Quinn Alpine 97B Elite NPL

98B Red State Premier

Chapman University