Simone Hedinger grew up in Switzerland and was a handball wunderkind.

Playing experience

While growing up, Simone played competitive team handball in the club system in Switzerland. She played for the U16 Swiss junior team.  In addition to playing competitive team handball, she also played tennis and curling and competed with her parents and older brother in family tournaments. She also skied in the winters and mountaineered in the summers. When moving to the states, Simone started to play volleyball and soccer and currently still does on a recreational level.


Simone received her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from the University of Utah and her master’s degree in Sport Management at University of San Francisco.
Relevant experience
Simone taught in elementary school until 2007 when she started to get involved in youth sports and has been part of Alpine Strikers while taking a break from teaching since 2010. Concurrently, she is the athletic director at The Girls’ Middle School in Palo Alto.
Sporting and management philosophy
Simone’s sporting philosophy is that children need to drive the process of being a youth player and parents support their child in their passion. She strongly believes that under 14 year olds need to be able to explore many sports to promote exposure, fun,  injury prevention and to avoid burn-out.
Running a club organization is a multi facet endeavor. It is her philosophy to support management, parents, coaches, staff, and players in the best of her abilities. She is a firm believer in enabling all adults in order for them to be independently navigating themselves to obtain relevant information to feel successful in the way they support our players on and off the field.