The club sponsored goalkeeper training is structured to support age-appropriate training for players interested in learning to play the goalkeeper position or those that are already experienced goalkeepers. All players who are interested in learning more about the goalkeeper position and currently play part of their games in goal are highly encouraged to participate.

Training sessions address the skills developments in the following areas (as age appropriate):

  • Footwork
  • Handling
  • Angles
  • Balls at feet
  • Crossed balls
  • Agility
  • Communication 

Currently there is no in-person goalkeeper training. The club will resume as soon as COVID guidance allows it. 


These training sessions are open and free to all current players in the 14 to 11 age groups for one hour of additional and optional training each week during the fall and spring seasons.  Our technical director Gino Pucillo will focus on technical skill development during these sessions. It is acceptable to sign up and not be able to participate every week. The sign-ups and player availability will help the coaches to plan accordingly. Please contact Gino Pucillo for the sign-up link.