Alpine Strikers Announces PCA Triple Impact Competitor Winners for 2017-2018

Alpine Strikers Announces PCA Triple Impact Competitor Winners for 2017-2018

Alpine Strikers FC is pleased to announce that three players have been selected as winners of the club’s Triple Impact Competitor Award for 2017-2018. The three winners are:

  • Kate Nelson – ASFC 05G Red (coach Mandy Pochobradsky)
  • Bennett Sweeney – ASFC 08B Royal (coach Tom Flannery)
  • Shaler Anderson – ASFC 09G Red (coach Rachel Lassman)

A Triple Impact Competitor works on three levels:

  • Makes himself/herself better by focusing on effort and mastery;
  • Becomes a leader who makes his/her teammates better;
  • Honors the game to make the game better.

The winners were nominated by their coaches and selected by ASFC’s Technical Directors for representing these values in their play over the past year.


Technical Director Keith Lambert on Kate Nelson: “Kate is a player liked and respected by all of her teammates. She is a great competitor, teammate and leader. Kate shows her character by standing up for what’s right, even under the toughest circumstances. She embodies all of the elements of a Triple Impact Competitor and is a great role model for her team and the club.”


Coach Tom Flannery on Bennett Sweeney: “Bennett embodies my vision of a good teammate. He is selfless and diligently works to step up and help our team. He is our starting goalie and works as a catalyst on the field to inspire teammates. Bennett has never displayed anything but a love for soccer and his passion is infectious.”



Coach Rachel Lassman on Shaler Anderson: “Shaler is the epitome of a great soccer player and even better person. She always has a smile on her face and brightens the mood of practice. She works hard in every practice, follows directions, and has a strong desire to learn and improve. She strives to be her best and it shows on the field. In addition, she never gives up – if she doesn’t get something the first time, she just keeps trying. We could all learn something from her and I am very proud to be her coach.”


Congratulations to all of our winners!


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