Alpine Strikers Announces PCA Triple Impact Competitor Winners for 2016-2017

Alpine Strikers Announces PCA Triple Impact Competitor Winners for 2016-2017

Alpine Strikers FC is pleased to announce that four players have been selected as winners of the club’s Triple Impact Competitor Award for 2016-2017. The four winners are:

  • Jake Simon – ASFC 00B Red (coach Paul Moran)
  • Alexi Stavropolous – ASFC 02B Red (coach Jeff Panos)
  • Ainsley Thornborrow – ASFC 06G Red (coach Mandy Pochobradsky)
  • Lukash Hodges – ASFC 07B White (coach Ray Kellam)

A Triple Impact Competitor works on three levels: 

1) Makes himself/herself better by focusing on effort and mastery

2) Becomes a leader who makes his/her teammates better

3) Honors the game to make the game better. 

The winners were nominated by their coaches and selected by ASFC’s Technical Directors for representing these values in their play over the past year.

Paul Moran on Jake Simon: “Jake is one of the most dedicated and committed players I have had the pleasure of coaching. He is usually the first one on the field for practice or matches, and the last one off; he is also always focused and working hard during any training session or match, no matter what it is for. He loves playing the game, watching the game, and studying it to learn more about how he can improve as a player. His technical skill is exceptional, but it is the way he reads the game that sets him apart from his peers. That, plus his attitude and respect for teammates, opposition, ref, rules and coaches make Jake an ideal player to be named PCA Triple Impact Competitor.”

Jeff Panos on Alexi Stavropolous: “Alexi is the consummate teammate.  He serves as our captain in name, but more importantly by the example he sets every time he steps on the field.  His work rate and enthusiasm is second to none, and the example he sets with his play infuses desire in others around him. Alexi can be heard communicating with his teammates regularly, demanding technical execution and constantly offering words of encouragement to players who have made mistakes.  Alexi shows concern for fallen teammates and opposing players during every game.  He is the first to rush over to help a teammate or opponent up off the ground and the first to acknowledge a mistake to an opponent if his tackle on a play was overly aggressive.  He truly represents the heartbeat of our team.”

Gino Pucillo on Ainsley Thornborrow: “Ainsley is a driven, focused, and passionate soccer player in our 06G age group. She is an excellent teammate that supports the team in every manner possible. Ainsley has battled some injuries in the past, but still attended practices and games with crutches so that she could still support the team and continue to learn. Ainsley is an extremely coachable and bright soccer player. She will play any position asked of her, and will fulfill any role that is best for the team. She supports her teammates and picks them up, encouraging them through their mistakes.”

Ray Kellam on Lukash Hodges: “Lukash is an incredibly hardworking, passionate, and dedicated soccer player in our 07B age group. He leads by example, displays excellent sportsmanship and concern for his teammates, and is highly regarded by all coaches in the club that have the opportunity to coach him. He is very physical and battles super hard in 1v1’s, pushing his teammates to raise their level of intensity and skill. Occasionally Kash will get tangled up with another player and they’ll both go down hard. Kash is always highly concerned when this happens and often times helps that player up and stays with them until they feel better.”



Congratulations to all of our winners!