Volunteer Information



It Takes A Village...

ASFC is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization.

Every team is expected to contribute volunteers at the Club Level

 Please Consider taking on one of these key positions: 

Assistant Fields Coordinator

Website Assistant

Club Volunteer Coordinator

Field Liners
Field Equipment Checkers 
Website Assistant

Contact the Club Administrator to volunteer.

The ASFC Board meets monthly; Board members are elected annually (in May); Nominations for the board can be sent to the club administrator.  For more information, see the Parent Handbook.

Board of Directors

President Kate Hamel 05B White, 08G Red
Vice-President 11v11 Teams Gary Wiseman 02B Red
Vice-President 9v9 Teams Sean Gavin 06B White; 03G Red
Treasurer Neil Weintraut 05G White
Club Registrar  Lisa Dunlevie 05B Red; 02B Red
Fields Coordinator MP Laura Paul 02G White; 07G Red
Fields Coordinator Woodside/PV OPEN ---
Safety & Disputes Steve Foster 03G Red: 06G Red
Community Relations Michelle Bellomo 02G White; 06G Cardinal
Manager Representative Miles Keep 04B White
Director of Coaching (ex officio) Owen Flannery N/A

Technical Director (ex officio)

Technical Director (ex officio)

Gino Pucillo

Keith Lambert



Director of Operations (ex officio) Simone LaValle 06B Blue

Club-Level Volunteers

Club Website Simone LaValle 06B Blue
Attorney Jim Robbins 08B Red, 05G Red, 04G White
Scholarships Lisa Douglass 05G White
Club Volunteer Coordinator OPEN ----
Website Assistant


Assistant Treasurer OPEN ----

Assistant Fields Coordinator-Menlo Park

  Floaters - Field Support - MP


Mike Yuen
Flavia Herrod
Michael Sanie


03B Red; 05B Blue; 07B Cardinal
05G Blue
05G Black
Field Equipment Checkers     
  Barkley Adam Traugh 05B Cardinal

Robert Bikle

06G Black
  Rossotti's Mike Davenport 04G White
  PVTC Maria Matsumoto 05B Cardinal

  Woodside (WES)

  Woodside (WHS)

Maureen Hamer
not needed
97B Red
  Burgess OPEN ---
  Jack Lyle Cory Stewart
JJ Kenney
06G Red, 08G White
01G Red, 05B White
  Kelly Field John Sakrison 
David Rehkopf
05B Blue
06G Blue
  La Entrada OPEN ----
  Hillview Patrick Jabal 05B Blue, 07B Blue 
Field Liners    

 not needed



Frank Puleo
Lisa Guevara
Anna Rogers

05G Cardinal
05G Cardinal
03B White, 07B Red


not needed


NorCal Manager Mentor - USCS  Gary Wiseman 02B Red
   Assistant NorCal Manager Mentor - USCS OPEN --- 
New Manager Mentor - CYSA Miles Keep 01G Red, 04B White
Referee Coordinator  Steve O'Brien 03G White, 05B White 
Registrar CYSA Lisa Dunlevie 05B Red; 02B Red
   Assistant CYSA Registrar OPEN ---
Registrar USCS Registrar Becky Genauer 06B White, 08B Red
   Assistant USCS Registrar OPEN  --- 

Age Group Coordinators






Simone LaValle


Sara Filipek


Allison Pereur


Laura Paul & Lara Housser
 06B Jessieca Grieco-Casey


Bob Ridenour
 05B Lisa Dunlevie


Julie Cluggage
04B Miles Keep


Karim Younes
03B Cristina Tato


Lisa Stanger
 02B Gary Wiseman


Michelle Bellomo

00B  Gary Wiseman 00G no teams
99B Gary Wiseman 99G no teams
98B Amy Weiss 98G no teams