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Alpine Strikers FC focuses on the delveopment of young soccer players.  Most age groups within this club consist of red, white, blue, cardinal, black, and royal teams. Player placements are re-evaluated at the end of each season through a tryouts process.  This asures that each player is playing at the appropriate level of development and competition for optimal growth. 

See below for a recap of some of our teams recent accomplishments. For current season accomplishments, please visit the home page.


Fall 2016 Achievements
Champions Cup    
 03G Red  U14 1st place, premier division 
Medina Classic    
 03B White  U14  1st place 
 Fall 2015/Winter 2016 Achievements
Norcal State Cup    
  02B Red   U14 1st place, Premier 3, Red 2 Bracket
Peninsula Cup    
 08B White  U8  1st place
Poppy Jasper Tournament    
 07B Red  U9  1st place
  96G RED  U18  2nd PLACE, Gold Division
  00G RED  U14  2nd PLACE
  97B  U17  2nd PLACE
04B Red  1st place  Manteca Tournament - BU9 "White"
04G Red  4th place  Manteca Tournament - GU9 "Red"
03G Red  2nd place  Manteca Tournament - GU10 "White"
01G Red  1st place  Manteca Tournament - GU12 "Black"
05B Red  4th place  District Cup - BU8 Gold/Silver
05B White  3rd place  District Cup - BU8 Bronze
04B Red  3rd place  District Cup - BU9 Gold
04B White  2nd place  District Cup - BU9 Bronze
04B Blue  1st place  District Cup - BU9 Copper
03B Red  1st place  District Cup - BU10 Gold
02B Red  1st place  District Cup - BU11 Silver
02B Blue  4th place  District Cup - BU11 Bronze
01B White  4th place  District Cup - BU12 Copper
99B White  3rd place  District Cup - BU13 Bronze/Copper
04G Cardinal  4th place  District Cup - GU9 Copper
02G Blue  2nd place  District Cup - GU11 Copper
01G White  4th place  District Cup - GU12 Cooper 
00G White  1st place  District Cup - GU13 Gold/Silver
08G Blue  2nd Place  District Cup - GU08 Bronze


NorCal Cup


District Cup

01B Red

 U12 Blue1-Silver 2 1st 04B Red U9 Gold/Silver B 2nd
    04B White U9 Bronze 1 2nd
Coppa D'Oro 98B Red U15 Silver /Bronze 1st
04B Red U9 1st 04G Cardinal U9 Copper 2nd
02G Cardinal     U11  2nd 02G Red U12* Silver/Bronze (*played UP) 1st
    02G White U11 Silver/Bronze 2nd
Santa Cruz Breakers Halloween Cup 00G White U13 Silver/Bronze 3rd
03B Red U10 1st 98GRed U15 Silver/Bronze 1st
Stanford Classic Tornament   Silicon Valley Soccer Showcase
04G Red Gino  U9 2nd 98G Red Guilermo U15 1st
04G Cardinal Jose U9 2nd  
04B White Jason U9 2nd
03B White Jason U10 2nd Nike Academy Cup (Santa Rosa)
02G Red Graham U12 2nd        
02G Blue Chris B. U11 2nd 02B Red Chris B. U11 1st
02G Cardinal Henry U11 2nd


01B Red  Chris B. U12 2nd
00G White  Yang U13 1st 
00G Blue Yang U13 Consolation
District Cup   Santa Cruz Breakers Memorial Day Shootout
 01G Red  1st  Bronze A 97B Red 1st Gold/Silver
 99G Red  1st  Bronze A 02G White 1st Gold
 02G White  2nd  Bronze B  02B Blue 1st Silver
 01G White  2nd  Copper    
 00B Red  2nd  Silver Manteca FC Spring Invitational
 03G Blue  3rd  Bronze/Copper 00G Red 1st Red
 02G Red  3rd  Gold/Silver             
 98B Red  3rd  Gold/Silver
 03G White  4th  Bronze B


Fall '12 District Cup

  Spring'12 District Cup
01G AFC Red 1st Place Bronze 99G Red 1st Place Gold
01G MP White  2nd Place Copper 00G White 1st Place Bronze A
03B MP White  3rd Place Copper 00B Red 1st Place Silver
03G AFC Red  4th Place Bronze 02B MP Red 1st Place Brinze A
02G AFC Red  4th Place Gold 03B AFC Red 2nd Place Brinze A
96G Red   4th Place    Silver    02B AFC White 2nd Place Copper B
    03G MP Red 2nd Place Copper A
Golden Gate Invitational Sept. '12 00G Blue 2nd Place Copper
00G White 2nd Place   98B Red 3rd Place Silver
                02G AFC Red 3rd Place Silver
02G MP Gold 3rd Place Copper
03B MP Red 4th Place Bronze B
02G AFC White 4th Place Copper