Programs & Registration


The club sponsored goalkeeper training is structured to support age-appropriate training for players interested in learning to play the goalkeeper position or those that are already experienced goalkeepers. All players who are interested in learning more about the goalkeeper position and currently play part of their games in goal are highly encouraged to participate.

Training sessions address the skills developments in the following areas (as age appropriate):

  • Footwork
  • Handling
  • Angles
  • Balls at feet
  • Crossed balls
  • Agility
  • Communication 

Goalkeeper Training - Fall 2017


These training sessions are open and free to all players in the 09 to 04 age groups for one hour of additional and optional training each week during the fall and spring seasons.  Our technical directors Gino Pucillo and Keith Lambert will focus on technical skill development during these sessions. It is acceptable to sign up and not be able to participate every week. The sign-ups and player availability will help the coaches to plan accordingly. 

Age Group Training - Fall 2017


Preschool Program for 3-4 Year Olds

This program is designed for 3-4 year olds getting to touch the ball in a playful soccer environment. The participants get to familiarize themselves with foot and ball skills. There is a lot of hands-on coaching and demonstration as well as manipulation to enhance muscle memory for ball managing skills. The coach and kids play a form of soccer at the end of each session. This is where the kids get exposed to the game concept as well as foster a healthy attitude toward competition.

Menlo Park Preschool Registration - Fall 2017

Portola Valley PreK Morning Class Registration - Fall 2017

Portola Valley PreK Afternoon Class Registration - Fall 2017

K-First Grade Program (5-6 Year olds)

The Attack Program

This program is currently designed for 5-6 year olds. The focus is to teach young soccer players attacking soccer skills which include dribbling, passing, trapping, and shooting, as well as continue to develop the concept of the game. It is a continuum of the Alpine Ants Preschool Program. The sessions are individualized and optimize soccer development and growth for children from all skill levels.

Menlo Park Attack Registration - Fall 2017

Menlo Park Location 

Dates: Thursdays, August 17th to November 16th, 2017

Times: 2:45pm to 3:45pm 

Location:  Jack Lyle Field

Academy (6-7 Year olds)

Please note, the Academies are open to boys and girls.

The objective of our Academies is to gradually prepare our younger players to take their first steps towards competitive soccer beginning at the under 8 age group.  Training sessions will be two times per week with each session lasting 1 hour 15 minutes.  There will also be 4-5 intrasquad weekend games per season. Training curriculum will be centered upon developing coordination, agility and ball mastery, as these are the key building blocks required to play the game of soccer. Your child will learn how to interact with other children in the invaluable environment of team sports by means of fun, energetic and challenging activities and games specifically designed for this age group. The Academies are gender separated, except in Portola Valley, and they are coached by our professional coaches. We are confident that your child will enjoy a fun, exiting and rewarding experience learning how to play the world's “beautiful game.”

Menlo Park Girls Academy Registration - Fall 2017

Dates: August 14th to Nov 15th, 2017


Mondays at La Entrada
Wednesdays at Hillview Middle School 


Monday:  4:00pm to 5:15pm

Wednesday: 4:00pm to 5:15pm

Coach: Tom Flannery 

Cost: $535

Menlo Park Boys Academy Registration - Fall 2017

Dates: August 15th to Nov 16th, 2017


Tuesdays at La Entrada

Thursdays at Jack Lyle Field


Tuesday 4:00pm to 5:15pm

Thursday 4:00pm to 5:15pm

Coach: Tom Flannery 

Cost: $535


Portola Valley Academy Registration - Fall 2017

Dates: August 16th to Nov 17th, 2017


Wednesdays at Rossotti's Field

Fridays at Ormondale Elementary


Wednesdays from 2:15pm to 3:30pm

Fridays from 3:00pm to 4:15pm

Coach: Tulin Mendoza

Cost: $535

Note: A min. of eight players are needed for this program to run.


Alpine Strikers FC is excited to offer winter training for all players in the 10 to 05 age groups. These training sessions focus on technical skill development. Each age group will meet once a week. Additional training or playing opportunities may be organized at a team level as well.  


Alpine Strikers offers spring and summer camps for our pre-competitive age groups, U8-U12, U13 and above and also a modified soccer camp experience for children with special needs.  Please check back here regularly for more details.